November 19, 2022

ℹ️ More accurate TON rates in 2.0.2

The current rate of TON against USD and other currencies in TonSafe was taken from one source. This made it somewhat inaccurate, because at the current time, with low liquidity and low trading volumes, TON rates can differ significantly across exchanges.

In our latest update, TonSafe has solved this issue by using an algorithm that combines various rates from different exchanges and resolves them into one number. This is of course not an exact science as there are different ways to make this calculation.

After several days of testing we believe that our new displayed rate will be more accurate on average. We have compared it to other wallets and the various exchanges and believe it will be more accurate and more useful to TonSafe users.

TonSafe is not a crypto trading platform and does not present these values for trading but it will serve as a good and current indication of the current average rate across various exchanges. It updates every minute, as does the graph last entry.

Historic graph entries are the rates taken at 6 hour intervals for the past 30 days. Therefore the high and low are the highs and lows taken from those readings, not necessarily momentary highs or lows of short duration not useful for context.

You can set the local currency in your TonSafe 🛠 Settings.