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Send, Receive, Store USDT-TON in TonSafe

You can receive USDT-TON the USDT Tether token on the TON blockchain which is tied to the rate of the US Dollar, directly into your TonSafe account using the same address as your TonSafe TON wallet.

𝌕 How to transfer your TonSafe Contacts to another phone?

A great feature of TonSafe for those making frequent TON payments is Contacts. Contacts is easily reached by tapping on the two heads icon just below the red Send button on the default TonSafe wallet screen.

Updated Listing and Ratings of TON Exchanges

Today we updated our listing and ratings of TON Exchanges.

Building a Safe Ecosystem on TON

In this update we would like to share with our readers some of the plans we have with TonSafe.

Cuidado con (falso) "TON Safe"

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Beware of (Fake) "TON Safe"

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TON Connect 2.0 New Standard

TonSafe version 2.2 has implemented the new TON Connect 2.0 dApps connection standard for wallet connection to dApps (decentralized applications) and remote web sites that you wish to give access to your balance and approve secure transactions.

❗️Scam Alert

Be aware of wallet spam scams, here is all you need to know...

❗️The importance of 24 secret words

TonSafe is a self-custodial (also known as "non-custodial") wallet. Therefore there is no one except you who has custody of your wallet account. This means that unlike with a bank account, if you lost your passwords, you cannot ask TonSafe or even the C.I.A. to help you regain access.

ℹ️ Open Source of TonSafe

TonSafe is a TON wallet that provides safe and secure TON asset management as well as TON payments. At the moment, it is not open-sourced yet. Here we explain why.