October 26, 2022

⏬ TonSafe 2.0

SPAM filter, improved connections for third party (NFT) market places and dApps

You can now download TonSafe 2.0 and benefit from a new SPAM filter feature as well as improved connections to external sites and decentralized apps.

SPAM Filter

Regular and longer term users of TON will know how wallet addresses, being public as soon as transactions have been made, and especially if transacting with popular wallet addresses such as centralized exchanges, will become targeted by SPAM messages.

There really is no easy way to prevent this. However, as spam is sent to thousands of wallet addresses, the cost has to be low to the sender, so generally such payments are of 0.001 TON or less, even as little as 0.000000001 TON. Therefore the TonSafe spam filter can mark any incoming payments with less than a certain amount, as spam.

Currently the default amount is less than 0.05 TON, so payments received of 0.05 TON or more are not marked as (potential) SPAM. You can change this in the Settings --> More Settings menu, to 0.01 TON or 0.0011 TON if you prefer, or to any other value of your choice. You can also disable it by setting the amount to 0.

In future of course we plan to improve this, for example, by also checking if there is a message with the payment. We don't however whitelist wallet addresses of projects as at least competing TON Wallet does, allowing them to potentially spam their own users.

On the other hand, a payment marked as SPAM may contain a message from a friend, or someone who paid you by mistake, and is trying to reach out to you. So you should not consider such SPAM markings as anything other than what the filter does: the filter simply operates on the above principle of "amount less than" --> mark as SPAM.

This warning should suffice for users to be wary of any such messages which call to actions such as making any payments. NO reputable project will EVER spam your TON wallet with such messages, so ignore any such for your safety!

The SPAM filter should go a long way to preventing people from being scammed, as such payments with a red warning label are more likely to be treated with suspicion.

Improved Connections

Still far from perfect, and waiting for a common open standard rather than one "Tonkeeper connection" and one "Tonhub connection" standard, for the time being the TonSafe uses the "Tonhub" open standard. Therefore if you wish to connect your TonSafe to a market place such as Getgems.io you should choose "Tonhub" when making the connection.

Those which support the extension standard will also appear in the "External Sites" which can be accessed via the new "Ext." button on your TonSafe main dashboard.

Now you can easily access such NFT market places and put your NFT up for sale, or make purchases directly from your wallet.

Such sites can not have access to your wallet credentials (passwords, funds, etc) but only to your wallet address and its blockchain records. No other security sensitive data is sent to the remote site, so you do not need to fear any breach of your wallet.

The user experience is still not what it could be, but is on a par with other wallets.

You can revoke any such authorized connections by going to Settings --> Connections where you will see a full list of any currently authorized remote connections, in other words, sites where you can be considered logged in. Simply tap and select Revoke.

Connections is still now widely used as TON is relatively new, however this can be expected to grow and become more useful in time. Here is a list of a few of the places where you can already use connections: