November 8, 2022

🎁💰🧧TonSafe Tuesdays - Gift Hour

We are handing out gifts to all loyal and active and watchful TonSafe wallet users!

Get FREE gift from 0.2 to 5.0 TON as follows:

  1. Open your TonSafe wallet anytime between 12:00 and 12:59 UTC Tuesdays
  2. Click on the scrolling tape message in your TonSafe wallet
  3. Follow the instructions (post your country flag and code) into TonSafe Community
  4. You can find TonSafe Community in TON+ menu of TonSafe wallet
  5. If you are a TonSafe PRO member you get DOUBLE !!!
  6. If you are following on Twitter, DOUBLE !!!
  7. If you are following since more than 1 week, DOUBLE !!!
  8. If you have a balance of more than 10 TON in your TonSafe, DOUBLE !!!
  9. Bonus of total if all of the above, plus following - 5 TON total !!!

Just follow the instructions and you'll receive you FREE TON GIFTS into your TonSafe wallet later today!


  • Must be following and
  • Must join the TonSafe Community from TonSafe TON+ menu
  • Must post the code into TonSafe Community which you see in your TonSafe wallet at the top of the screen today anytime between 12:00 and 12:59 UTC
  • Must also post your country flag in TonSafe Community in a second message
  • Must enter only one time today, only one total prize for each qualified user
  • TonSafe Staff are excluded from this promotion which benefits loyal users
  • Any attempts to cheat (by copying others messages in chat): BANNED
  • Must come back to TonSafe Community later today to collect free gifts