September 29, 2022

ℹ️ TonSafe: Balance Privacy and TON Rate Graph

We have some at-first-not-so-obvious features in the latest TonSafe 1.4 update.

One of these is that you can have a privacy mode with just ONE TAP on the screen.

Privacy Mode

Let's say you are showing someone your TonSafe, or sending funds to someone but don't want your balance to be seen within the TonSafe app. Just tap on the large TonSafe logo ( ^ ) near the top right of the balance box:

Night Mode view of TonSafe Balance Box

As soon as you tap on the large ^ symbol, you will see the graph view:

Night Mode View of TonSafe Graph

Notice that there is no balance showing on the graph view. This is so that the graph view can also double as a privacy view with one single tap on the TonSafe logo.

Note: As TON is a cryptocurrency it is created on the TON blockchain, and as with all blockchains, all data there cannot ever be deleted and is visible to anyone using a blockchain explorer. Your balance and transactions therefore can not be hidden from anyone, however, you can keep your identity and wallet address private (do not combine them). Note that anyone you make a payment to can also check upon your balance and transaction history, although they may not know which wallet addresses from your transactions belong to which entities.

Now let us take a closer look at things...

About TonSafe Graph

First thing to note is that you should go to your TonSafe Settings by tapping on the bottom right button, and there, select your favored local currency (default is USD).

You can choose from more than 40 currencies.

Now you will see that on the default TonSafe wallet view, whatever you have selected as currency, will be what is used to display your TON Balance in approximate local currency value, along with the current rate for 1 TON in that local currency.

In the below example, we've selected GBP:

Night Mode view of TonSafe Balance Box

In the image above, showing the top part of the TonSafe screen in Night Mode, you can see that you have an internet connection, so the information will be up to date.

You can see the balance is TON 1,633.440953988 and that this is approximately equal to GBP 1,952.65 British Pounds Sterling. Alongside in brackets you can see the current rate of 1 TON is equal to about GBP 1.20 Pounds.

Below that is your TonSafe wallet address which you can copy, share, or view via the TonScan blockchain explorer.

Now, let us take a look at the graph view, after tapping on the ( ^ ) logo:

Night Mode View of TonSafe Graph

In the "Graph View" please note the following:

  • The Graph will remain in view until and unless you tap on it or restart TonSafe
  • When internet is connected you see the current rate of 1 TON in local currency
  • Below this in two boxes you see minimum and maximum TON/USD 30 days rate
  • Below this you see a line showing the TON rate movement for the past 30 days
  • Bottom left you see the USD rate of TON 30 days ago with approx. local currency
  • Bottom right you see the current rate of TON in USD with approx. local currency
  • When there is no internet connection you'll see only the last fetched rate
  • There is no balance showing, so you can use this view also for Privacy

To return to the Balance view, simply tap anywhere on the graph view box.

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