December 5, 2022

TonSafe Contacts and Messages

Information About TonSafe Contacts Feature

  • TonSafe Contacts are private: nothing is uploaded to any web server
  • TonSafe Contacts are stored only locally on your device
  • Clearing the cache may wipe contacts: please export them first -
  • Export feature is not yet available, we will provide this in a future update
  • TonSafe Contacts are sorted alphabetically, numbers first, then letters
  • If you want to pin contacts to the top of the list, name them starting with 1
  • View button shows you the The Open Network account of the contact
  • Current balance, past transactions and messages to/from anyone are visible
  • TON Accounts are visible on the blockchain but only listed by wallet address

Contact Tag (memo) feature

Whatever you save in the Tag field of a Contact will be sent as a Message (memo) whenever you select "Send" from that Contact card to pay that Contact. This is very useful for saving centralized exchanges that require you to add a specific tag (memo) when making a deposit. You may also use it for other repeat purposes. On the Send screen you will see the message and have a chance to edit it if needed.

Information About TonSafe Message (SMS) Feature

  • "SMS" Short Messages sent to contacts can be viewed by anyone
  • Any messages sent are stored permanently on The Open Network
  • The from and to address and message can be viewed by anyone
  • Do not send any personally identifying information about you or receipient
  • Do not send anything that is private
  • Anyone that knows your address from any transaction can view your history
  • Messages are sent directly to the blockchain
  • If you select Notify Receiver the recipient will receive a push notification
  • Only messages with more than 0.1 TON payment will get push notification
  • Messages of less than 0.05 TON are likely to trigger a SPAM label at receiver
  • To avoid SPAM label and not trigger TonSafe notification send T0.05 to T0.09
  • The 3 icons may be used as a short code for: 🔔reminder, 🙏greeting, 🤙call

Last updated: 2022-12-05