October 22, 2022

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Membership Fees

TonSafe Membership will cost 30 TON per quarter or 100 TON per year.

As an introduction and thanks to all early adopters of TonSafe, this is 90% reduced!

And, for those who continue to use TonSafe, you receive refunds of 1 TON for each of the following 3 months, thus making membership FREE!

To join make either 3 TON payment for 3 months membership or 10 TON for a year:


Tap or click here for 3 months membership

Tap or click here for 1 year membership

Within 24 hours you will receive a 0.1 TON payment thanking you for joining.

On any day within each of the following calendar months, send exactly 0.1 TON to the same above address to show you are still active, and receive 1 TON rebate!

To qualify for rebates, do not send more than 0.1 TON and do not miss any calendar month, as this will disqualify from further rebates.

You can contact Support at any time with Membership questions.

See also: Membership FAQ