December 9, 2022

✅ Privacy: The Most Private Wallet

TonSafe has always put our users privacy first and foremost.

We educate users throughout the TonSafe mobile wallet app by warning them wherever they may not be aware of privacy issues.

For example, at wallet creation, users are warned that their account will be on The Open Network blockchain, visible to anyone, and cannot be deleted.

Not to mention the inumerable safety features throughout TonSafe which are far more advanced than any other TON wallet to prevent user errors and with reminders.

Unlike the other TON wallets, TonSafe does not track who you are and what you do.

TonSafe will have a number of new features in our upcoming 2.1 release, which will again dwarf the other wallets not only in the implementation, but in terms of privacy.

Among other features and improvements will be a long planned Contact List to make it easy to send payments to friends, family and businesses as well as exchanges.

Unlike other wallets this data will only be saved on your phone.

You can check this in the app stores under privacy and also in iPhones under Privacy Report. The only connection we make from the wallet is to one place: the A.P.I.

Screen shot from App Store (Apple) - also see Google's Play Store


Our responsibility for security rests solely with the app itself as well as to ensure that safety of users is not limited by poor user interface or experience.

The blockchain security is not our responsibility but that of The Open Network which has some of the best programmers in the world working since many years on it and has been certified by Certik. TonSafe interacts with the blockchain via the A.P.I.

The A.P.I. we use is provided by a third party open source project which has also been verified by The Open Network as secure: by using this A.P.I. we absolve ourselves of any security issues related to A.P.I. which are a significant undertaking.

Again this can be verified easily by iPhone users by going to Privacy Report — this shows any connections being made from TonSafe and there is only one, direct to the TON Foundation approved open source API

Please read many other posts on our official site at as well as the BASED Insights blog at relating to safety, security and privacy of TonSafe.