September 25, 2022

✅ TON Safety: Sending TON

When sending TON as with all cryptocurrencies there are some safety considerations to always keep in mind. Mainly, when something is sent on the blockchain, it is sent, there is no "undo" button, no "recall" and no one to turn to to get it easily refunded.

Unlike with a bank account, you cannot turn to anyone for help to get a payment cancelled, or traced and refunded. The best you could do in the case of a payment to the wrong TON address, is to contact the recipient and ask them to kindly refund it.

They may or may not oblige, and you may not even be able to contact them. You could try sending a small payment of say 0.1 TON or more along with a message "I sent you TON by mistake, please can you send it back?" or whatever, but that's about it.

How does TonSafe protect you?

TonSafe has taken this into consideration as the safest and most professional TON wallet. Sending should be simple but also safe: TonSafe has 3 steps when you send any payment:

  1. You press the Send wallet button and enter the amount you wish to send along with the address and any optional message
  2. You are taken to the Confirmation screen where everything is clearly shown for you to check before proceeding (see screenshot below)
  3. You are taken to biometric confirmation to finalize the sending - this last step it to make sure it is you and not someone else who has your phone, sending the TON.

See this screen shot of TonSafe confirmation screen, before we explain some important details about its design:

TonSafe Send Confirmation Screen (Example from Night Mode)

Firstly, the amount is displayed in large figures, easy to check, and with thousands separator to make it clear if the incorrect number of 0's were entered, and if there were any decimal places, those are also displayed.

Next, the destination wallet address is clearly displayed. Here you should always look at the last 2, 3 or 4 characters of the address whenever sending, in this case "LiE" so that you can notice if you had somehow pasted the wrong address.

Any Message that you entered will also be shown on the confirmation screen. Keep in mind messages are visible to anyone, permanently, who explores the blockchain.

Next, the blockchain fees are displayed, on TON these are always very small, usually about 0.005 TON and do not depend on the amount you are sending. Do not, however, send a very LONG message with your payment, as long messages will cost you more!

The last box shows the amount in your local currency, as an approximation, and this again will give you a good indication if you have sent the wrong amount.

But look at the Confirm and Cancel buttons, does something seem wrong?

You could be forgiven for thinking that TonSafe designers have made a mistake here, and that the Confirm button should be more prominent than the Cancel button.

There are several reasons that we have made it this way, and to show you how much thought and care TonSafe puts into SAFETY, let us take a look at our reasoning:

  • If someone is paying good attention and reading everything on the Confirmation screen to make sure all details are correct, then they'll also pay attention to the writing on the buttons. They won't press Cancel, even though the Cancel button is more prominent, they'll press Confirm.
  • However, if someone has not been paying close attention to the Confirmation Screen as they should, they'll likely hit Cancel, and this will take them back to the payment screen. They'll then realize they pressed the wrong button, they lose none of the data they entered, and they can continue to Confirmation again.
  • If someone hits Cancel by mistake, it is therefore no problem. But if someone hits confirmation by mistake, it is a problem. So, Confirmation screen is, for the reasons mentioned above, less attractive. But if someone still hits Confirm by mistake, let's say intending to Cancel, then they can simply not give the biometric confirmation at the final step, and this will take them back to Confirmation screen where they can now press Cancel.

So this is the amount of consideration TonSafe gives for Safety!

Nevertheless the total number of steps in payments are just three, all clearly laid out.

Additional Safety Tips When Sending TON

Here are some educational tips which you should make a habit whenever sending TON:

  1. If you are sending to an address for the first time and are not sure about whether the address is correct, or whether it will be received (although in fact anything sent from TonSafe is always received at the address you send to even if a user is offline and may not see it in their wallet until they go back online) — you should always send a small payment first, for example, 1 TON.
  2. After that payment has gone through to your satisfaction, now go to your history list and tap on that payment, which will show the last characters of the wallet address in red (outgoing payment) and the amount, in this case, -1 also in red. This will open up the details of that successful payment. In this window you can now tap on "Send again" — doing this will open the Send window, with the address already filled out, and now you can enter the full amount that you want to send, along with any Message if required.

If you make regular payments to a certain address, this is also a good way to do it, search for a previous payment as described above, and use step 2 above to make the payment.