November 24, 2022

TonSafe: Only TON Wallet with Strong Values and Principles?

Unlike our "competitors" we have a very strong policy cast in stone and rooted in old-school morals and high standards:

We will never deceive our users

While the "competition" with the full backing of the TON Foundation have lied to their users just so that they can get into Apple's App store quicker, we refused to do so.

For any interested media of repute and large audience, we're happy to make the data available which shows systemic failures of the Apple App Review system.

Likewise in the event of any class legal action — Durov has made noises about it but not even acknowledged our communication in response to his appeal — contact us.

If you want the background to the story, check the BASED Insights blog.

We now have 2.0.3 in App Store and without any deception whatsoever and in full compliance with our legal obligations and the rights of our customers, making TonSafe the ONLY honest wallet with any integrity in the TON "ecosystem".

The others (Tonkeeper and Tonhub) have permanently lost any moral high ground (which we know they never had in the first place) and can never recover from that lack of principle. This is exactly the reason why "crypto" is in disrepute and exactly why we created TonSafe.

We know that most users will only be users and won't even care about such things. But for that small minority of customers who really care about integrity we trust you will support TonSafe and help us to do more. A good way to do so is to subscribe to TonSafe PRO as well as to follow us on our social media and introduce others too.

We also would hope that the minority of TON projects out there that actually care about honesty, integrity and doing the right thing, will integrate TonSafe into their apps in front of those wishy-washy weak-principled wallets currently promoted by the TON Foundation and its "egosystem".