June 30, 2022

TonSafe Telegram Groups

Terms and Conditions for Use

  1. Be polite and respectful in all communications: be considerate of all others
  2. Chat group is for TonSafe questions and issues only, no off topic, spam and no links
  3. Chat group is not an official support group, the TonSafe Premium Support is for that
  4. TonSafe is not responsible for content posted or advice given by anyone in the chat
  5. Do NOT direct message any other members of the chat group - permanent ban!
  6. Never share your 24 Secret Words with anyone, ever, support will never ask
  7. Administrators may kick, or ban users at any time without warning for any reason
  8. Do NOT send short messages such as "hi", "good morning" etc, it's annoying
  9. Do not flood: combine your messages into one, use Edit to correct errors

Remember that your message may pop up on many phones around the world, so any disregard of any of the above may result in swiftly being kicked from the chat group.

Check the listing of Official TonSafe groups, sites and social media channels here: https://tonsafe.net/telegram

Last updated 2022-12-17