February 20, 2023

Beware of (Fake) "TON Safe"

[English Original] - [Español]

TonSafe has been in the market since over six months now. Note that it is "TonSafe" as one word. TonSafe is available in the Google and Apple app stores as well as APK.

It has come to our attention that a new wallet is in development using the name "TON Safe" — clearly this is not acceptable and would be probably grounds to be banned from App Stores for violation of policies, and certainly for possible legal action.

The name is essentially the same, adding a space or not, is not a difference: whether we say TonSafe or TON Safe, both sound exactly the same, and both are the combination of the exact same two words.

Currently we are only aware of two possibilities as to why this new wallet chose the same name, whilst not excluding a third possibility the two we are aware of are:

  • They did not know that TonSafe exists. This is hard to believe, and if true, would mean that the team behind "TON Safe" did not do even the most basic of research, and thus, could not be trusted to be an honest app developer. The lack of honesty would imply that the wallet itself could not be trusted. Any simple web search for TonSafe in web search engines or the app stores searching for TON Wallets — something any new wallet would surely do is to check existing competition — reveals the existence of TonSafe. Moreover, when registering their domain name, they would have checked common domains such as tonsafe.com, tonsafe.net and tonsafe.org and realized there is an existing TonSafe wallet.
  • They do know that TonSafe exists and want to benefit from our name, or sow confusion among TON communities, or have some other malicious intent, or have a relationship to a competitor. If they know that TonSafe exists, which is inevitable if any simple basic research was conducted, then they would be ill-intentioned to use this name from a product that was already on the market since six months.

This is like the difference in brand name between CocaCola and Coca Cola. The masses of potential customers, as well as existing customers, will not pay attention to the difference, and assume they are one and the same.

We will be monitoring the situation before deciding which course(s) of action to take.