November 22, 2022

🎁💰🧧TonSafe Tuesday Gift Winners

Congratulations to today's gift prize draw winners:

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who each won TON 2.84 ($5 USD)!
Click the above links for verification of payments.

How does it work?

Firstly, daily (Monday-Friday) we make a gift prize draw from followers of our Twitter account TonWallet. To qualify, follow us on Twitter, and then like and RETWEET ♻️ our Pinned Tweet, the one at the top of our page with the yellow PRIZE DRAW Tweet.

We use TwitterPicker to select the winner each day from among all those who have re-tweeted that pinned tweet. If the winner has at least 5 followers, is following TonWallet and has an account at least one month old, you win $1 or more.

Otherwise, if you do not have 5 or more followers or your Twitter account is less than one month old, do not worry: still follow, like and retweet as above mentioned, and because our daily prize draws will continue through December, you may still win!

Secondly, if the winner has also installed TonSafe and shared their wallet address in the TonSafe Social on Telegram (see TonSafe Social in your TonSafe TON+ menu, and then join the chat from there to share your Twitter username and TonSafe address), you may win DOUBLE.

Thirdly, every Tuesday, open your TonSafe around 12:00 to 13:00 UTC (sometimes it may be later) and watch for a scrolling alert ticker across the top of the screen above your balance box, at the very top of the TonSafe screen. If you see the Gift alert message, tap on it and follow the instructions.

Prizes for this are usually or currently $1 if your TonSafe balance is less than 1 TON and $5 if your TonSafe balance is 1 TON or more.

And, for those who are also TonSafe PRO members (5 TON/month) any winnings are DOUBLE again! Unluckily for one of today's winners, his subscription expired and wasn't renewed just yesterday! Otherwise the winnings would have been $10!

PRO TIP: If you join TonSafe PRO not only are there a number of benefits that will outweigh the cost of membership over the year (including double or more prize winnings, see here for a list of current benefits), but you also receive a REFERRAL LINK which you can share anywhere. Anyone who joins TonSafe PRO via your referral link, you will receive 20% of their monthly or yearly subscriptions for the duration of your own subscription and theirs!

Now please keep in mind: we cannot keep up these promotions if they do not bring also good results for TonSafe, so here is how you can help and also ensure there are more winners, and more prizes:

  • Follow TonSafe on TonSafe Social Twitter and Telegram (see TON+ menu in app)
  • Share our posts of interest to your own followers
  • Join TonSafe PRO so you also have a referral link to share
  • If you have a popular social media channel, share this information to your followers, they will surely be grateful to you — sharing is good!

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