July 7, 2022

An Update as we Near Release of TonSafe Wallet v.1

TonSafe is a non-custodial mobile TON wallet produced by the BASED Group.

TonSafe offers more safety and better usability for those new to cryptocurrency wallets, as well as business features, which put it ahead of the competition.

As we write today, this blog will have little to no readers: it will surely gain readership when we release TonSafe into the App Stores in the coming weeks.

However, we still want to let our testers know what the latest developments are, where we stand and what is expected in the near future for TonSafe.

Firstly, version 1 is now in Release Candidate status, meaning that we have everything as we want it and are actively testing prior to uploading to App Stores.

Below is a table which shows TonSafe features compared to other TON mobile Wallets:

Comparison chart between all 4 mobile TON wallets

This table will already be out of date at release of Version 1 as additional features are being added. (Edit: Example, App is in 5 system languages, and with 25 currencies).

For Version 2, which may follow within a month, there will be several additional new features, which we cannot disclose just yet, stay tuned and experience TonSafe!

The above table, for example, will already be out of date: we should have several additional languages and currencies included by the time of public release.

We have much work on the content of TonBase tab in the wallet, to build educational and support materials and services that will benefit users of TonSafe wallet.

We appreciate the early testers at the time this is being written, and by the time most will read this post, we appreciate the early adopters!

TonSafe is built on a tried and tested secure and decentralized TON blockchain with many years of prior testing, development and deployment.

TonSafe itself is build on Open Source software that has several months of testing with large amounts of TON currency, and we have built in additional safety features.

In other words, we have gone several steps further to make TonSafe the easiest and safest TON mobile wallet for anyone to use.

Some of these safety features are designed to mitigate loss of the 24 secret words, given the fundamental importance of these to retaining your funds.

It can never be emphasized enough: you are the only custodian of your wallet, and with that goes great responsibility. However, we also have our own responsibilities:

  1. To assume that the user is in a hurry, and will want to cut corners, such as writing down the 24 secret words, such as "I'll do it later, let me just get started".
  2. To never assume that a user is tech savvy, knows anything about cryptocurrency, the blockchain, instead, to make things as easy and safe as possible for all users.
  3. To reckon with human psychology and real life scenarios: using wallet with poor eye sight, on a bumpy road, when tired, and to mitigate errors in such situations.
  4. To take into account the language factor: English is not spoken by everyone, nor do people always understand the same thing when reading something.

When you start TonSafe and create your (first) wallet, you will notice how much care we put into ensuring that the 24 secret words are written down.

In future updates, you'll see more about our care for TonSafe Wallet users' safety, in this department of ensuring that the 24 secret words location, is still safe, or not forgotten, again something the other wallets have not properly considered.

If you try to log out of TonSafe, again you will see the care and attention we have put into this important event: we wish to prevent anyone logging out who does not have access to their 24 secret words, and we give them a chance to test them prior to logging out.

For expert users, they can easily skip through these steps with minimal fuss to log out.

Every aspect of our user interface design and user experiences and usability analysis, goes into ensuring that TonSafe provides the best and safest experience to TON users.

That's all for this update, and thank you for following us.