May 2

Send, Receive, Store USDT-TON in TonSafe

You can receive USDT-TON the USDT Tether token on the TON blockchain which is tied to the rate of the US Dollar, directly into your TonSafe account using the same address as your TonSafe TON wallet.

The USDT balance will be shown also on the screen if you have a USDT balance. The total value of your assets in local currency is however only showing the TON converted value and does not include your USDT balance.

You can also easily send USDT-TON by tapping on the USDT balance. Make sure to send only to TON network addresses, not TRX (TRC20), not ERC20 nor others.

Sending USDT is charged at around 0.1 TON (you may be charged 0.2 TON and then receive a Cashback of around 0.1 TON) so you can only send USDT if you have a balance of at least 0.2 TON in your TonSafe.

Receiving and storing USDT is free of charge.