February 25, 2023

Building a Safe Ecosystem on TON

In this update we would like to share with our readers some of the plans we have with TonSafe.

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Crypto Wild West

Unfortunately, cryptocurrency in general, are widely used by scammers, fraudsters, and opportunists, in attempts to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

We at TonSafe, have been motivated from the outset by a desire to build a safer ecosystem on TON.


What we'd like to see is users of TON being able to earn TON, save TON and spend TON, in a way that benefits everyone, including the community at large.

Our strategies to do this include making the safest TON Wallet, which we have already achieve with TonSafe, and also in building a strong community and strong alliances.

Of course in doing so, everything needs to be sustainable. We have had a round 1 seed investment which we managed internally so as to move forward as fast as possible, which has allowed us to complete the first phase: releasing TonSafe TON Wallet.

In doing so we took great care not to use our users as unpaid beta testers, which is the case with much of the competition and best known wallets. Instead we used highly qualified, experienced and professional teams to test each version prior to release.

Our first 6 months were spent on research and development prior to any public release. Our last 6 months have been spent on expanding the features of TonSafe.

Future Plans

We still have features on the roadmap in upcoming planned releases, but already TonSafe has 18 features which are not available in other TON wallets — we do not list them here so as not to give the competition ideas — routine users will discover them.

TonSafe PRO has long been available on a monthly (5 TON) or yearly (50 TON) basis, and we have a growing number of loyal users among TonSafe installations in at least 87 countries world wide. We aim to give good returns to our paying members.

In addition to existing benefits, we want to assist those who want to earn TON via P2P exchanges by providing exclusive information and benefits to TonSafe PRO members: these would include a long listing of traders to reject offers to avoid wasting time.

Also there will be tips and the Pros and Cons of several P2P markets and Telegram bots, which will help buyers and sellers to maximize their gains and minimize losses.

Community, Alliances, Investors

In building Community we have a number of ideas and will be looking for alliances with influencers, teams and projects that have strong principles and honor, so as to provide resources and networks where our users can benefit in a sound and safe manner.

At this stage as our first phase of development completes, we are also focused on raising a Round Two investment for a buy-in or even a buy-out to the right investor.

Thank you

On behalf of the BASED Group we would like to thank all our loyal supporters, those that have invested, offered grants, and our partners now and into the future, for your considerations and support during our first year of operation.