September 19, 2022

✅ TON Safety: Official Sites, Scams and Misleading Information

TonSafe will be providing regular updates on TON Safety and TON Wallet Safety.

This will certainly make many enemies for TonSafe so please pay attention to these warnings and stay tuned for updates.

‼️Beware of SCAMS ‼️

TonSafe wants you to stay safe. There are very clever scams out there. Please take note:

- TonSafe staff will NEVER start a direct conversation with anyone. If you get such a message, it is a criminal scammer. Block them.

- Be careful about spam scammers.

- The ONLY Official TON Channels, Groups, Social Media and Websites are ALL listed here.

There are many scams to steal your money. Do NOT believe any news about free TON, staking earnings, mining, TON EVENTS, casinos, rewards etc.

TonSafe News and TonSafe Telegram Channel will ALWAYS report any true and real benefits you can get from TON. 

Misleading Information

TonSafe advice from our researcher who conducted 9 months of research into TON communities, channels, projects and social media, is not to trust even the so-called TON Community Channels, at this stage. It has been brought to our attention by our researcher that these channels continue to promote some scam projects as well as trading "insider information" and disseminating information that is only half-true, or misleading. There are vested interests involved, more than principles, he says.

Several unsafe wallets are still listed at TON Apps, this is another widely reviled and untrustworthy site, yet continues to be promoted by the TON Foundation. TonSafe has made a choice based on sound advice, NOT to be listed there. There have been calls for new and independent directories and catalogues to give users a choice of criteria.

TonSafe will only link to and list resources that are tried and tested, safe, and have not had unresolved credible negative feedback. On the other hand, NOT listing a resource does NOT mean it is unsafe: it is impossible for TonSafe to provide comprehensive lists of all safe and good resources on TON. It only means we want to protect our users and anything that we do not refer to you can do your own research.

BEWARE of misleading information and websites. TonSafe websites aren't the most cool looking sites, they're designed for functionality and convenience, and an acceptable level of security with current resources all going into TonSafe wallet development.

TonSafe Ecosystem

We want to contribute in making TON The Open Network a trusted environment free of the bad reputation of "Crypto" - and thus we are only linking to resources that our researchers have found safe. It only means that those wanting a safe experience can use our more limited "ecosystem" until they have enough confidence and information to try new resources. We'll do our best with our own limited resources to list more and more options.

Where we list resources with referral links this is ONLY because we have decided to list the resource on the basis of utility to users, and not because there are referral commissions: on the other hand TonSafe requires funding so we won't currently forego commissions where available, but not as the criteria for deciding to list a resource.

Information is power. TonSafe has identified at least one credible and objective news resource and is considering others. In turn we will publish updates, educational material and general warnings via and our Telegram Channel.

Again, be sure to note our ONLY official resources are listed at

TonSafe Credibility

Remember the sayings "actions speak louder than words" and "judge someone by the company they keep"? You should do your own research into TonSafe to establish what you find acceptable to trust and what not. Here are some pointers and considerations:

  • TonSafe provides extensive educational material to empower users. E.g. our FAQ.
  • TonSafe is not (currently) open source and this in itself isn't a security criteria.
  • TonSafe Group have decided for now not to disclose personnel identities.
  • TonSafe contains two highly experienced security personnel within the Group.
  • TonSafe is aware technology security itself often depends on the programmers.
  • TonSafe is aware of the human factor positive and negative in its rightful place.

For those wanting to research further see our official resources and from there you can also find the BASED Insight blog and the personal blog of our tester and community researcher.


We welcome all those with high values and good intentions to support one another along this journey involving The Open Network and tools that can help to make the world a better place.

We believe that by open and constructive criticism where no better channels exist may help those to evaluate the criticism and if intentions are good, to make corrections.

We has not wanted to criticize the platform upon which we operate (TON) yet as a young platform there are aspects that need improving, just as there are with TonSafe.

We prioritize safety and security as well as bugs. We're not infallible and we do our best aided by certain policies: these include not implementing anything in TonSafe which hasn't been adequately tested before release and certainly not including new technologies and features that we haven't established as being safe, e.g. DNS.

Safety is not only about the technology: it is also about the user experience, the user interface, and unexpected, confused or inappropriate user interactions with an app. We factor all this in on the decision about what and how to include.


TonSafe is always open to partnerships and cooperation that will benefit not only the two partners but also the wider community of The Open Network and society in general. Profit alone can never be the criteria. There must be a benefit for society.

BASED Group have invested heavily in the TonSafe project. There are other projects on the roadmap. Resources are too few to develop and proceed at the pace we would like. BASED are not lacking in access to human resources and expertise, it is the financial resources to re-allocate, hardware upgrades, outreach programs and marketing etc.

TonSafe can partner with others that align in principles, this is always the starting point, as well as a proven history of past projects or an existing project, quality of service and delivery, in addition to the mentioned required benefit to society.

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