June 30, 2022

✅ TonSafe Official

TonSafe uses and recommends Telegram to protect the privacy and security of users.

✅ ONLY Official Websites: TonSafe.Org | TonSafe.Net | TonBase.Net | Mustaqim.Pt

TonSafe Official Telegram Channels and Groups

Only the following are provided by TonSafe, anything not listed below is not official and likely to be a scam:

TonSafe is NOT on any other social networks except for ✅ Twitter.com/TonWallet

Other Resources

The following resources are recommended for joining and contain reliable information:

https://t.me/TonCentral - launchpad for useful TON Channels and Groups on Telegram

https://TonNews.info - TON NEWS Substack for general TON news and educational information

WARNING: The so-called "TON SAFE app" (not TonSafe) is a scammer project announced in early 2023 in an attempt to discredit the real TonSafe.

All our official links and sites are listed above on this page and our About page.