October 27, 2022

✅ TON Safety: TonSafe SPAM Filter

We have covered the problem of SPAM in a previous post. If you haven't read it, it may be helpful to understand the background to the specific problem of SPAM in TON wallets and what you should know about it.

TonSafe in the latest 2.0 version has now introduces a "SPAM Filter" which you can find in the TonSafe 🛠 menu Settings --> More Settings.

Incoming SPAM transaction - this one from a scammer pretending to be a "TON Foundation"

For now the TonSafe SPAM filter operates on the following principles, and may be improved upon in future updates:

  • Any incoming payment below the SPAM filter setting amount is marked SPAM
  • The default setting is 0.05 TON but you may change it as desired
  • Treat anything marked SPAM with caution, see below

Most SPAM is in fact of an amount 0.001 TON or less, so you may want to set your filter to 0.0011 TON, or if you are confident and do not need small transactions marked as SPAM you can disable the filter by setting the value to 0.

This default SPAM filter is a facility which should protect many people new to TON from falling victim to spam messages. They will surely at least treat such messages with more caution when it is highlighted with a red SPAM box.

It is important to note, however, that the filter only operates on the basis of the amount received, and also does not yet check whether any message is included, though you can see this at a glance. It cannot distinguish between real spam and a very low payment which may be sent for some other reason.

You may want to read the message in case it is a message from a friend, if you absolutely know the wallet address, but if the wallet address is unknown and the message calls for you to do something, such as send TON, it is a SCAM.

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