June 29, 2022

About TonSafe

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Building a Safe Ecosystem on TON

TonSafe wallet has been designed with three main priorities:

  1. Safety
  2. Ease of use
  3. High quality

Safe TON Wallet

The TonSafe wallet has safety features designed to mitigate accidental loss of coins by the inexperienced, or by error if a wrong button is pushed, etc.

Easy TON Wallet

The TonSafe wallet is easy to use without requiring special learning, for almost anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Professional TON Wallet

The TonSafe wallet caters both for business and personal use with its professional design and features.

TonSafe has been developed by a team with professional backgrounds and extensive experience in the fields of technology, security and usability.

iPhone: Get TonSafe latest version on the App Store here.

Android: Get TonSafe latest version on Play Store here.

APK for Tonsafe latest version can be downloaded via Telegram here.

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WARNING: "TON Safe App" is an attempt to rip off the original and real TonSafe.

Do NOT download the app of those scammers. Above are our only verified links.