November 8, 2022

TonSafe Business


Easy, Fast, Safe Payments for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere...

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What is TonSafe?

TonSafe is a mobile digital currency wallet for easy, fast, safe payments for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

TonSafe uses TON to transfer payments safely, within seconds between wallets.

What is TON?

TON is a universal digital currency with advanced blockchain security features.

Users can enter the amount to pay in the local currency and this will be sent using TON which is most suitable for fast, secure payments between wallets.

TON is also suitable for savings due to its stability compared to most currencies.

What are the benefits?

For businesses and customers the benefits of using TonSafe for payments are:

  • Fast, easy, 100% safe payments
  • No personal data required to register and use
  • Discounts on purchases offered by businesses
  • Customer loyalty, rewards and retention
  • Locked-in ecosystem guarantees repeat purchases
  • Can be exchanged to and from local currencies (~5% commission)
  • Modern, fast, error-free transactions via QR code scanning


What does it cost?

  • For customers and the public there is no cost other than a small fee of less than 1 cent per transaction. You will need to top up your balance. The business offering TonSafe can assist you to do so, or you can do so online.
  • For businesses a 100 TON per year required membership fee to TonSafe PRO which gives you the marketing package and QR codes required for use. This amounts to a small percentage of profits and benefits, see following section.
  • For independent TonSafe reps there is a chance to earn good commissions by assisting small businesses to onboard with TonSafe and ongoing sales.

How to get started?

Business owners

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General public, customers

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Independent sales reps

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