August 31, 2022

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You can install TonSafe on Android or iPhone for fast, easy, safe payments for anyone, anywhere, anytime using The Open Network (TON) and the universal TON currency.

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Safety First

Usage and Education

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Safety First

Read our Safety Tips

TonSafe has been designed with safety in mind so that TonSafe features more safety features than any other TON wallet.

However, you also have a responsibility to know a few basics, which we cover here:

  1. Never share your 24 secret words with others, if you do so, you are giving them full access to your wallet and they can do anything with it. It is the same as handing your wallet over to someone else. Our Support, any support or service will never ever ask you for your seed phrase or 24 secret words. If they do, they are scammers. Never give in to pressure to reveal your 24 secret words.
  2. We do our utmost to make sure you write down your 24 secret words when you start using TonSafe, and with good reason. If you lose these, you lose access to your account if you log out, lose your phone, etc. Make sure you actually write down (do not copy on a phone or computer, and do not take a screen shot), with pen and paper, and double check you wrote them correctly. In TonSafe Settings tab you can check your 24 secret words at any time if still logged into TonSafe app. Store your 24 secret words in a safe place, ideally in more than one safe place. If you lose your 24 secret words you will most likely lose all your money.
  3. Understand that once you send coin (TON, cryptocurrency tokens) you cannot revoke or unsend it. Therefore if you are making a large payment and want to be sure it will arrive at the correct destination, first send a very small amount of 1 TON or less and make sure it arrives safely. Then you can repeat the payment with the larger amount. This practice should always be followed when in doubt.


Additional Advice

TonSafe is a "non-custodial wallet" also known as a "self-custodial wallet" — this means that only you, and not us nor anyone else, has access to your wallet.

This gives you great freedom and with it goes great responsibility.

Here are some additional advice tips for you to consider:

  1. If you want to store very large amounts (as you would in a bank for example, you would not keep all your cash in your wallet normally) then consider offline "cold storage" wallets. You can search the internet for information about cold wallets.
  2. Consider what may happen if there is an accident, emergency, or fatality: all your cryptocurrency assets, including your TonSafe wallet assets, may only be accessible by you, since you do not share the 24 secret words. Consider such situations and eventualities, such as dividing the 24 secret words up among 2 or more other trusted persons, who can follow instructions in such cases, and together gain access to your assets so they do not sit forever inaccessible but can, for example, be bequeathed to your family.
  3. Keep your phone or device on which you have TonSafe, safe too, as anyone having access to it may gain access to your wallet. We mitigate this by also requiring your biometrics or passcode to send funds from your TonSafe wallet.

Never assume you will not lose your phone, or forget where you stored your 24 secret words. See the Safety First section for the essential basic safety tips.



What is TonSafe?

TonSafe is a non-custodial (also known as self-custodial) wallet for TON (The Open Network). TonSafe allows you to interact with the TON blockchain, primarily for receiving or sending TON, and seeing your current balance.

TonSafe is not a financial company, nor does TonSafe engage in the provision of any financial services or financial advice. Our mission is to produce and keep up to date a safe and easy-to-use TON wallet that is suited for both professional and personal use.


Creating a new wallet

Why do you have a delay at the 24 secret words?

When you create a new wallet, some wallets prevent you from skipping this step, and some also make a timer delay so you cannot proceed if you did now write down your secret words. The reason we do both:

  1. We put a delay to make sure you have physically written down your passwords. One of the most dangerous things you can do is to simply take a screen shot. There are potential security compromises in doing so, and not least, being unable to find it later when required. Screen shots easily get deleted later, and they are usually on the same device which could go missing. We also do not give the facility to make a clipboard copy of the secret words, for various security reasons.
  2. We give you a test of random 3 of the secret words to ensure that you actually have written them down.


Can't I just save a screenshot of my 24 secret words?

While it is still possible to cheat this step, and we may introduce additional security features to prevent that cheating, and many users may find this annoying or inconvenient, we believe we have a responsibility to educate users and help them with their own responsibilities, rather than the much greater cost of frustration at loss later, which plagues so many users of other wallets for this very reason.


How do I use TonSafe?

TonSafe is designed for easy use. Here are some key points to understand the wallet:

  • You have a wallet address, this shows on the main Wallet tab and you can copy this, also you can find your address on the receive (green arrow wallet) screen. Share this address with anyone you wish to receive a TON payment from.
  • TON wallet addresses are very long and unique. No one else has the same address. To make it easy to check that you are sending to the correct address, it is best to look at the last 4 characters of the address, as the first ones are often the same. We also display the last 2 or 4 characters in the history, for easy view.
  • Never share your 24 secret words with anyone unless you want to give them full access to your wallet, as this will give them complete control over all your funds. TonSafe support will never ask you, nor any other honest person. If anyone asks you for your 24 secret words, you must never give them. Those are scammers.
  • To receive money, click on the green incoming wallet image, to send, click on the red outgoing wallet image. Receiving you can allow the other person to scan the QR code if they are with you, or share your wallet address by any other means. To send, you need the destination wallet address, and include a Message if required.
  • For more about Wallets in general see here.


How do I set my local (or another) currency?

So that you can also see the approximate balance, or the amount being sent, in a currency other than TON (for example, your local currency), go to Settings and change the currency (default is USD). We currently support the display of any of 25 different currencies. This will then always convert the TON amount to the approximate current rate of that currency. Your total TON balance is then displayed as well in the local currency as an approximation, and also the exchange rate used. This changes often because currencies fluctuate in value against one another.

It is an approximation because the rate cannot be guaranteed due to those fluctuations, but is a useful guide to understand the value of TON in another currency. For example, this makes cross-border trade easier, because both parties trade in TON and both can see on their TonSafe wallet, the approximate value in their local currency.

These rates are updated at least once an hour, or even every few minutes. TonSafe does not guarantee the accuracy of exchange rates, you should use additional tools if you want a more precise value. We provide this as a useful indicative service.

TonSafe requires an internet connection to display the latest rates approximation.


How do I deposit (receive) coins to my TonSafe wallet?

To receive TON (or other TON blockchain tokens) you give the sender your TonSafe wallet address. Your TonSafe wallet address is displayed at the top of the main screen, and also when you click on the green incoming (receive) button. It is a long string of characters starting with EQ. Copy that and paste it to whoever should send you TON (or other TON blockchain tokens), or share it, or show the QR code to another TON wallet user who can press their Send button and scan your wallet QR code.


Is there a risk in sharing my wallet address?

There is no danger in sharing this wallet address to the public, no one can hack your wallet by knowing a wallet address. Be mindful that anyone knowing any TON wallet address can use View or a TON Explorer to see your balance and past transactions.


When should I receive deposited coins to my balance?

Coins will be deposited to your balance as soon as the transaction reaches the required number of network confirmations. TON is deposited instantly after 1 network confirmation. It usually takes 5-20 seconds.

To check the current transaction status, use a TON Explorer.


How do I send coins?

To send TON (or any other TON token in your TonSafe wallet) to another address or wallet, tap on the red outgoing (send) button on the main screen. There you can enter the address you are sending money to, make sure they are also using TON, addresses will usually start with the letters EQ. Make sure you are sending to the correct address.


How do I know if TON was sent successfully?

If you sent TON from TonSafe you will see it in the history on the main home screen. If it is not in the history after sending, this means the sending failed, and the coins are still in your balance. This can happen if the connection fails during sending. For any payment sent which shows in the history, you can tap on it to open it and see the transaction details. If you click on the eye icon next to the wallet address you can also see more information. Sending between TonSafe wallets takes only 5-20 seconds.


TonSafe is a non-custodial wallet, what does that mean?

A "non-custodial" (also known as "self-custodial") wallet means that you and on one else, not TonSafe, not the government, no one else, has control over your account.

A custodial wallet, is a wallet that is managed for you, such as by a bank.

Which is better? It depends entirely on how capable you are of keeping your 24 secret words secret and secure, and not losing them. This is all that protects your wallet account on the blockchain and the only way to access your account.

This is why custodial wallets have advantages such as if you lost your password, if you can prove your identity, you can be given access again. Disadvantage of custodial wallets is your money could be frozen or stolen by the provider.

Advantages of a non-custodial wallet include that there is no need to identify yourself.


Fees and Limits

We do not charge any fees for using TonSafe, for receiving TON or for sending TON. The blockchain fee is a small fee charged by The Open Network for blockchain maintenance. This fee is displayed in TonSafe when you open any transaction. You can see the estimated maximum blockchain fee before confirming Send. It is usually less than 0.01 TON. The Open Network has the lowest transaction fees among all networks.


How can I buy (or sell) TON?

TonSafe does not provide any financial services such as buying and selling TON. We may to link to services that provide this service in future. Meanwhile you can research the options that are applicable to your jurisdiction here.


Can I send and receive TON to and from Exchanges?

Yes, for centralized Exchanges such as OKX, FTX, MEXC etc which support TON(coin) but when sending from TonSafe to deposit into such Exchanges, be sure to include any Memo or Comment that they require, in the Message field before sending. This is because they use one wallet address for all customers and won't know which customer you are if you do not include the required code in the Message.

If you forgot to include a Message you must contact the Exchange that you sent TON to, with a screen shot of your transaction and any other information they require, so that they can locate your payment.

You can withdraw TON from such Exchanges to your TonSafe wallet address, usually this does not require any Message (Comment, Message) to be added.

For Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) follow the instructions of those exchanges.


How do I get and copy a Transaction ID?

If you need a Transaction ID (TxID), tap on the eye icon after your wallet address on the main TonSafe default screen in the blue top box, this will open an explorer. Scroll down in that window until you see the transaction that you want the transaction ID (TxID) for. Tap on the down arrow at the end of the line, to expand it. Then you will see a section with title "Hash" - this is the TxID. You can tap on the copy icon to the right of it to copy it. We may make this easier to obtain in future if there is much demand for it.


How do I search for a Transaction ID (TxID)?

If you have the hash ID of a transaction, either in HEX or Base64 form, you can tap on the view (eye icon) after your wallet address at the top of the TonSafe main screen, and use the search box to search for it. You can also open in a browser.


Can I use TonSafe for NFT?

Yes, you can use your TonSafe wallet address for receiving and holding NFT and be able to view NFT that you hold by long press on your wallet address at the top of the Wallet tab and selecting View. More functionality may be built into the wallet in future.


Does TonSafe allow access to previously purchased NFTs?

You can view any NFT in your wallet by tapping on the View icon alongside your TonSafe wallet address, or long-press on your address and select "View". This will show you your wallet smart contract address on the TON blockchain via the TonScan explorer. There you can tap on the NFT tab to view any NFT at your wallet address.


Does TonSafe facilitate any NFT transactions?

Note that if you want to send and receive NFT within the wallet app, although TonSafe is a TON version 4r2 smart contract wallet and therefore can receive NFT, we have not tested sending of NFT nor implemented such in-wallet functionality in current version.

Therefore those who want more NFT functionality can use the Tonkeeper wallet, and can use the same 24 secret words to log in with Tonkeeper. See also joint wallet use.


Can I use TonSafe for other coins (tokens)?

TonSafe only supports TON(coin) and jettons (such as TGR, BOLT, SCALE etc) that are on The Open Network blockchain. Your wallet address is the same: it will receive such tokens and display them on the Wallet tab, you can choose which to hide in Settings. Note the TonSafe does NOT support tokens (coins) that are NOT on The Open Network blockchain, such as wrapped TON, ETH, BTC, USDT etc. You need to convert other blockchain cryptocurrencies first to TON (The Open Network) before sending them to your TonSafe wallet. Likewise you cannot send anything from your TonSafe wallet to other blockchains, you can only send to other TON wallets.


Can I use TonSafe for staking?

We do not have staking built into TonSafe wallet but you can use your TonSafe wallet address for staking. We do not provide any support nor answer any questions about staking, but you can find information about staking at


How can I export or import my wallet?

To export your wallet, go to Settings and view your 24 secret words. This is all you need to export your wallet. DO NOT SHARE THE 24 SECRET WORDS.

To import your wallet, for example from Tonkeeper or Tonhub, when starting TonSafe choose "import and existing wallet" and you will put in your 24 secret words from the wallet that you are exporting.


Can I log into more than one wallet with the same address?

Your 24 secret words are what you use to login to a TON wallet such as TonSafe. You can currently only log into one address with one wallet at this time. You can however log into different wallets with the same 24 secret words, depending on the wallet, the address may or may not be the same. You can run different TON wallets on the same device, either with the same address or different addresses. For security reasons we do not recommend logging into any wallet other than TonSafe with your 24 secret words, unless you are sure of the security of the wallet and your devices. You can run TonSafe app on multiple devices and be logged into the same (or different) addresses. In this case, be sure that only you have access to the device and wallet app.


What is KYC and does TonSafe need it?

KYC means "Know Your Customer" and is used by companies and financial institutions, and centralized Exchanges, to verify the identify of their customers. TonSafe does not use KYC and does not know nor want to know who the users of TonSafe are. It is not our business. Just as it is not the business of the manufacturer of a leather wallet, to know who ends up using the wallet, or the shop or person who sold the leather wallet to keep a record of the customers name, ID, address or anything else. See Privacy.

We find it strange that centralized exchanges demand KYC from their users, when it is the users who deposit their money into the Centralized Exchange (CEX). You could say the CEX is the user, not the other way around, and as customers of a CEX we should demand the identity documents, verification of address, of the CEX owner and any who have access to and control your deposited money.


Why don't you write "Send" and "Receive" on the buttons?

The reason we don't have "Receive" and "Send" is because not everyone speaks English fluently, or at all. Imagine some one using the app who speaks one of the hundreds of languages for which we do not have a translation. They may easily misunderstand Send and Receive by focusing on the words. So we want to make it clear in a graphic. Once it is understood, through experience, it should become engraved in the mind that green is receiving and red is sending. The arrow into and out of the phone also make this clear. It is a policy of our design to attempt to minimize the use of language and to make things clear by graphics wherever possible.


What languages does TonSafe support?

TonSafe supports English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Thai languages in the app. We hope to add more languages in future. Language is determined by the settings on your phone, the app will select one of the above languages if language is set in your phone settings, otherwise it will default to English.

The TON + tab translations are not complete, we try to add more translations.

If you are capable of technical translations, and already familiar with all the features of TonBase wallet, and willing to help translate from English to another language, please contact Support.


There is a mistake in the translation

If you see anything that can be improved in the translation or any text within the app or the TonBase pages, we welcome feedback and assistance: please contact Support.


Do you have a wallet for the computer?

Currently we only have TonSafe mobile wallet for iOS and Android.

We are planning to release TonSafe for MacOS.

We have no plans to support Windows PC, and do not consider it a safe enough OS.


Does TonSafe support name.ton wallet addresses?

No! We consider this unsafe for several reasons:

  • The domain may be lost and ownership pass to a new owner: all money sent to your .ton address will then go to someone else, and nothing you can do about it.
  • It is very easy to make mistakes when typing words, and spelling corrections etc can facilitate those errors. Payments to wrong addresses are lost, forever.

It is much better that you have to use the system to copy a wallet address, or scan it, or share it, without manual intervention for the above reason.

TonSafe is a safe wallet and does not embrace every new fad just for the sake of it. When users discover they are losing on other wallets, we do not want this problem.

TonSafe is planning on making it even easier for regularly used wallet addresses to be identified more easily, but keeping in mind the above safety considerations.

Already we display wallet addresses in an easy human readable manner: the last two characters (1/4096 chance of duplicates) and last 4 characters (1 in 16.777 million chance of duplicates) are adequate for checking your payment is going to the correct address. Do not look at the beginning of wallet addresses, but the last 3-4 characters!


TonSafe Membership

Why charge for Membership?

TonSafe wallet without membership provides all the functionality (and more) required of a TON Wallet. Without membership, you will not miss any wallet functionality.

So why TonSafe Membership option, and why charge for it?

TonSafe is a TON wallet that is especially suited for business, as well as general users who want a safe, reliable and professional TON wallet of the highest standards.

Support for TON wallet would generally not be required in normal use, and solutions to potential problems and questions are addressed in this FAQ page.

There is also free support possible via the public TonSafe Telegram Group.

Those who do not want to rely on FAQ or the free support but want Premium support as suited to businesses for example, or priority support from qualified staff, may make use of TonSafe Membership as a cost saving measure.

Premium Support is provided free to TonSafe Members, and it costs us to provide it.

With other benefits that offset or exceed the cost of membership, such as discounts on various partner or associate services, being first to receive offers for Special Deals, and other exclusive updates in a private channel, are reasons to join.

Membership can be cancelled at any time by not renewing payment.

For more information about TonSafe Membership and benefits please see here.



I sent coin to the wrong address

In cryptocurrency there are no middlemen or authorities involved, only the sender and receiver of a transaction. Once you have sent coin to an address you cannot revoke or cancel it after sending. The only option you normally have is to contact the wallet owner that you sent your transaction to, if you know how to contact them, and ask them to return the transaction. If you do not know them, you can attempt to send another small payment together with a Message in the Message box, asking them to do so, but there are no guarantees that they will see the message. TonSafe unlike most other wallets, displays Messages clearly in the transaction history on the Wallet tab.

Before confirming any send transaction, you should check that you have entered the correct address. If you have not sent to that address before or are sending a large amount, it is a good idea to first send a small test amount.


I sent TON from TonSafe and it did not arrive

Any TON you sent from TonSafe will show in the history. You can tap on any past transaction to view its details. If you sent to a custodial wallet such as a centralized exchange, you normally need to include a particular MEMO when sending, as they have shared wallets between all their customers. In this case contact the exchange for help. If you sent to another non-custodial TON wallet or TonSafe wallet, and they did not receive it, it means they are not connected to the internet and will see it when they connect. You can prove arrival by tapping on the eye icon next to the wallet address, this shows the blockchain entry. TON never gets lost, if it is send to another wallet address on the TON blockchain it arrives within 5-20 seconds. If your connection failed during sending, it won't show in the history and is still in your balance, unsent.


TON was sent to my TonSafe and did not arrive

If TON was sent to your TonSafe wallet address and did not yet arrive, and you are connected to the internet (TonSafe shows green "Connected" light), then it has not yet been sent. Centealized exchanges such as OKX, FTX, @Wallet, Crypto Bot etc take time between sending and actually sending onto the blockchain. This could be anything from minutes up to hours, but once they do send it, it arrives within 5-20 seconds. If it has not arrived, it was not sent, or was sent to the wrong address. The sender needs to take up the issue with their custodial wallet provider. Sending between two TonSafe wallets takes only 5-20 seconds if both are connected to the Internet. Once sent it will show in the history of the senders wallet. If it doesn't show in their transaction history then it was not sent. Use to trace transactions.


I've been scammed

If you have been defrauded or scammed, you can attempt to identify the scammer and/or trace their funds by using a TON explorer such as and asking for cooperation of authorities, exchanges involved in handling their funds etc, or seeking the help of a specialist in cryptocurrency funds recovery.


I've forgotten where I saved my 24 secret words

Without these, you cannot gain access to your wallet if you are logged out. Try all the following:

  • If you are logged in on another device, or still logged in to TonSafe, access your 24 secret words from the Settings menu and then follow the Safety First tips.
  • If you cannot log in and cannot find the 24 secret words, there is no way you can access your assets that are in the wallet that you have lost access to.


I have my 24 secret words but they don't work

This means that either you wrote them down incorrectly, or are misreading your writing, or you are entering them incorrectly. There are exactly 24 words. They must be entered in the correct order. When entering a word, TonSafe will pop up possible words, after you type 3 or 4 letters you should tap on the word that matches. Do not use the keyboard word suggestions below this, but the words with a square background. Tapping the word will put it into the box and move the cursor to the next box. If you have mis-spelt a word when writing it down, this may help. If you are not sure of your handwriting or maybe put a similar word, you can try similar words. If you do not have 24 words and are missing one or more, there is no way to find what it might be. If you have your words without numbers in front, and they are written in columns, see if you wrote them horizontally or vertically, try both options if unsure.

It is the spelling that is important and must be 100% correct. All words are English and lower case.

See also advice in "I've forgotten where I saved my 24 secret words"


All my coin disappeared, my balance is zero

Do not panic! This cannot happen, if you did not give your 24 secret words to anyone. This is usually because you are now using an older "wallet smart contract" version, for example, the current TonSafe wallet smart contract version is v4r2. Maybe you have used a different wallet such as Toncoin wallet, which is v3r2, and the address is different. This would be why the new (actually older v3) address has a zero balance, because your coin are at a different v4 address. You an easily resolve this by logging in to your TON wallet with TonSafe. Make sure your wallet address being displayed is the same as usual, and use a TON Explorer such as to see all transactions for any wallet address. No one, no TON engineer, nor TonSafe, can ever access or move your funds, without having access to your 24 secret words. See Safety First.


"App not installed" error

If you get an "App not installed" error after choosing to install TonSafe, please check that your device has enough free internal storage. If you have previously uninstalled TonSafe and get this error when trying a new install on an Android, clear the data of the Package Installer. You will find this in device Settings > Apps and Notifications > Apps (or SEE ALL APPS) > All Apps > here make sure in the menu that Show System Processes or Show System is selected (menu may be 3 dots in the top right corner), then scroll down until you see Package Installer and tap on it. Tap on Storage and cache then Clear Storage and/or Clear Cache. After this, try again to install TonSafe.

You may also look at additional options for fixing this problem here.


ton:// links are not opening the correct wallet app

If you have more than one TON Wallet app, such as TonSafe and a different TON Wallet app, and you click on ton:// links, at first you would get an option asking which app you would like to open in. If you select to always open in that app, you don't get the choice again if you later change your mind. If you want those links to now open in the other wallet app, or in the TonSafe app, and they are not doing so, the only remedy is to delete and re-download one or both of the apps. Before you do that, make sure you have written down your 24 secret words, so that you can access your TON wallet again via "Import and existing wallet" after reinstalling.



How do I get Support?

For Support, please see here.


How can I support TonSafe?

We suggest using the TonSafe app for a while first, and then if you like it and want to support or even influence ongoing development, you may consider these options:

  • Rate us in Play Store and/or App Store
  • Write an honest review in the store or online such as on TrustPilot
  • Tell your friends and associates about TonSafe
  • Help us by translating from English to your language
  • Give your feedback, suggestions and requests in the Telegram Group
  • Join TonSafe Club Membership to benefit from discounts and priveleges
  • Share your feedback and suggestions in Premium Support

We actively listen to the needs of TonSafe users. We prioritize feature requests according to various factors, including priority given to requests made by paying Premium Support users of TonSafe Club Members.

See also: How does TonSafe make money?



Where can I get latest app updates?

If you are signed in to App Store or Play Store you will receive notifications of updates, or automatic updates, depending on your store preferences and settings.

Sometimes the App stores are very slow to approve new versions of apps. If Apple is slow we cannot do much about it, they have a monopoly on installations. If Google is slow you will find an .APK file at so that you can directly install TonSafe without using the Google Play Store. Note that the APK on will be larger (about 3 times larger) than if you install directly from Play Store, because it has to contain files for all kinds of Android phones, whilst Play Store will only include the files needed for your particular phone model. This is not a problem however and makes no difference other than the APK file is larger but you can delete the APK after installation.


Where can I get the latest news?

If you want to follow news, tips and other updates from TonSafe, including notices of app software updates, you can follow TonSafe.Net – go to the website then click or tap on "Follow" and then select one of the buttons (Facebook, Google, Telegram, Twitch, VK or Apple) so that you can receive notifications of important news and updates.



Terms and Conditions

You can find our Terms and Conditions here.


Privacy Policy

You can find our Privacy Policy here.


Who Makes TonSafe?

TonSafe is developed by the BASED Group for Mustaqim Ltd, registered in England.

As per implication in our product name, our focus is firstly on safety of wallet usage.

Our expertise includes full stack development, ICT (info tech), quality assurance, testing, languages, finance and other knowledge areas that combine to ensure we produce highly professional products for end users.


How does TonSafe make money?

High quality software production such as TonSafe costs a lot of money: this is a combination of direct financial costs (salaries of developers, infrastructure, etc) and also of time invested (we are passionate about what we do, it is not only for money!)

Ongoing serious development, new features, updates, team expansion, all costs money and so naturally TonSafe has to have an income in order to be sustainable.So, where does this income come ff

The TonSafe wallet is free and usage of it is also free of charge other than the usual small blockchain fees of The Open Network.

We make a small amount of income from each of the following sources:

  • Purchasing of TON via TonSafe using third parties with commissions
  • A few optional additional features that have service fees
  • TonSafe Club Membership
  • Commissions on third party optional services

Use of Premium Support helps to subsidize the priority support service: it does not necessarily cover the costs of providing support. It is not possible to provide priority and official support free of charge, which is why this service is offered on a paid basis.


Partnering with TonSafe

TonSafe is open to cooperation which benefits all parties, especially our wallet users. We do not consider partnerships with products, services or groups that do not have a proven history, a high quality product or service, and a good benefit to users.

If you are sure this fits you can contact TonSafe Premium Support with your proposal.