November 12, 2022

TonSafe Business Customers

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Using TonSafe

TonSafe is a digital wallet for fast, easy, safe payments by anyone, anytime, anywhere. You do not need to identify yourself to sign up and use TonSafe. Simply download and install it to your mobile phone from here.

You must write down your 24 secret passwords on a paper or in a book and keep it in a safe place. Only you control your funds. No one else can make payments.

TonSafe uses a universal currency called TON to make payments using blockchain technology. Like all currencies, the value may increase or decrease compared to your local currency. You can see the current and historical rate in your TonSafe.

When you make payments you can press the ♻️ button on the Send screen to toggle between entering your payment value in local currency or in TON.

You should set your local currency in the TonSafe Settings 🛠 menu.


Benefits of using TonSafe include:

  • Discounts from businesses when paying with TonSafe
  • Security: no one can steal your cash just use your mobile phone
  • Savings: you can use TON for savings, though value may go up or down
  • Exchange: you can top up your TON or convert it back to local currency*

Making Payments

You can make payments from your TonSafe mobile wallet if you have a TON balance. You can see your balance at the top of the screen.

To make a payment press the QR scan button top right on the screen to scan a QR code, and enter the amount. You can also press the red send button and then scan or paste the business wallet address. You may also click any ton:// link.

On the next screen confirm all the details are correct and then continue to pay.

Receiving TON

To top up your balance or receive TON, tap on the green receive button and share your address to the person sending you TON payment. You can also show your receive screen QR code to the other person so they can send you TON easily.

Converting TON

If you want to top up TON you may buy it from the business offering TonSafe payments, or you may want to do it yourself via some of the options here.

You may also want to convert your TON back to local currency. Again you can ask the business which accepts TonSafe payments, or do it yourself via these options.

Getting Help

Support Options

If you need any support with TonSafe you can check our FAQ page, or use the Support service, or ask the business which introduced you to TonSafe.

About TonSafe

About TonSafe Business

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