August 19, 2022

Earn and Spend TON

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TON is a universal currency which you can use to receive instant payments, easily and safely to and from anyone, anywhere and anytime using TonSafe wallet.

Earn TON

Here are some ways that you can earn TON:

Small immediate earnings

  1. Join TonRocketBot
  2. Join TonRocket Drops and watch for messages with required actions
  3. Get paid in TonRocketBot
  4. Link your TonSafe to TonRocketBot for safety of your earnings
  5. Join the TonSafe Community in the bottom left + menu in your TonSafe

Amounts are usually very small, such as 1 cent, but take only a few seconds.

TON Prizes from Quizes and TonSafe Promotions

  1. Join the TonSafe Community in the bottom left + menu in your TonSafe
  2. Join the TonSafe Telegram and Twitter channels for updates
  3. Join and Follow on
  4. Usually on Tuesdays sometime after 12:00 UTC open your TonSafe wallet and watch for in-app notifications of Quiz Questions/Prizes
  5. Prizes are usually 0.2-5.0 TON in size (they are double or more than double for TonSafe PRO members)

Referral commission earnings

The following offer referral links which you can share and earn commissions from:

  1. 50X (No KYC👍 A self-custodial exchange since 2018) Join + Refer/earn* + Shop
  2. TON Rocket Bot (Telegram)
  3. TonSafe PRO - join and then share your referral link for 20% commission every month or year from everyone who joins via your link
  4. TonSafe Business - independent sales reps

*) 50X referral earnings are paid in ETH which you can change to TON via Cryptobot

Larger earnings

Think about what skill or knowledge you have, or a product or service you can supply. You will need to have some TON to make use of this:

  1. Join the Telegram TON Directory
  2. Tap on the pinned message and follow instructions
  3. Advertise your product or service

This way you can gain customers, provide your product or service and get paid in TON. You can then use your TonSafe to create invoices for your customers to pay you.

Spend TON

We will be listing products and services on which you can spend TON. Stay tuned!

Last updated: 2022-12-16