November 12, 2022

TonSafe Independent Sales Reps

  • This information is for TonSafe independent sales representatives
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There is no legal agreement authorizing independent sales reps. You should first demonstrate a clear understanding of TonSafe and TonSafe Business. If you want to earn commissions as a TonSafe Business independent sales rep, you are responsible for following any applicable laws in your jurisdiction, acting always honorably and in good faith toward businesses and their customers and demonstrate courtesy and professionalism at all times in your interactions while engaging in sales activities.

Independent TonSafe sales reps who have demonstrated capabilities by signing up businesses which then reflects in satisfied customers of that business using their services and topping up with TON payments, will then be listed in TonSafe Directory. Simply signing up businesses in itself won't achieve a listing, businesses need to be using TonSafe on a regular basis which implies customer satisfaction.

Suitable Businesses

Small businesses are especially suitable for TonSafe payments. Here are examples of the types of businesses you may want to approach:

  • Sole proprietors - including roadside businesses
  • Restaurants - QR code(s) can also be printed on the menus
  • Shops
  • Rentals
  • Small service providers
  • Independent retailers
  • Any type of business where transactions are often cash
  • Businesses wanting an edge over their local competitors
  • Businesses wanting accounts with a minimum of bureaucratic fuss
  • Sales people: you can also sign up other reps and earn the same way

Earning Commissions

As an independent sales rep you will earn commissions of 20% for each business that joins TonSafe PRO. This is a yearly 100 TON subscription, meaning 20 TON is credited to you via the TonRocketBot which manages TonSafe PRO subscriptions.

Whenever a business renews its subscription for the following year you will again be credited with 20% of their TonSafe PRO membership subscription payment.

To act as a TonSafe independent sales rep, you yourself must have an active TonSafe PRO yearly subscription. Monthly subscriptions do not qualify.

After signing up 5 businesses the entire yearly cost of TonSafe PRO is break-even and further sign ups, or services offered and charged for, are profit.

The requirement to commit to TonSafe PRO membership by independent sales reps for a year ensures that time-wasters and opportunists will by pass this opportunity. TonSafe PRO also contains many other benefits for its members.

Note that you will also earn 20% from anyone you sign up to TonSafe PRO — this does not need to be a business but could be any individual. No matter they join a monthly or yearly subscription you get 20% of all TonSafe PRO referrals.

Currently the promotions are at half price (50 TON/year, 5 TON/month). As soon as you pay for a TonSafe PRO membership subscription, you also receive your referral link, as will anyone else that you sign up. Referrals are one level only.

Required Qualifications

To work as an independent TonSafe rep you should meet the following criteria:

  • Self-employed and allowed to work in your jurisdiction
  • Responsible for your own payment of any applicable taxes
  • Responsible for following any legal obligations in your jurisdiction
  • Have sufficient experience using TonSafe to make payments with QR codes
  • Understand the various QR codes and what they do, see example page here
  • Be a TonSafe PRO member with a ONE YEAR annual subscription paid up
  • Act independently of TonSafe which has no legal obligations towards you
  • Act responsibly, professionally and in good faith at all times of your work

What TonSafe Provides

TonSafe has no legal obligations toward you or your work, you are an independent sales representative who agrees that you have the above required qualifications.

TonSafe will provide the following:

TonSafe wants you to succeed. You can ask the Support any questions and also receive calls or other support required to ensure you have all the right know-how.

Tasks and Duties

It should normally take on average one hour to assist a business to sign up to TonSafe PRO and be able to use TonSafe payments. You may also assist the business to gather the required information and pass this on to TonSafe Premium Support, as well as to print out the required QR codes after they are issued.

  1. Show any marketing materials to the business or use
  2. Assist the business to sign up for 1 year TonSafe pro membership to qualify
  3. Contact TonSafe Premium support with the details required (see details)
  4. Check the listing in the directory and business page (if required) is working
  5. Assist the business with QR code printing if required (charge for this service)


  • If doing step 5 above, you agree with the business how much you will charge
  • Assist the business in purchasing blocks of 100 TON (see details)
  • You may provide your own service to exchange TON to and from local currency with a fee - we recommend 5% and no more than 10% service fee.


Providing support in any way that you are not qualified for, is not your job. You should refer to TonSafe Premium Support for assistance where you are unsure of an answer or unable to assist, or refer the business to TonSafe Premium Support for assistance.

You yourself should always keep up to date with TonSafe FAQ, TonSafe Business and TonSafe Updates as well as follow TonSafe social media.

Always check this page for any changes to this program.

TonSafe will give priority support to TonSafe independent sales reps. Reach out to TonSafe Premium Support if you have any further questions or requests.

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